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How to Build, Publish, and Sell Your B2B App with Microsoft’s New ISV Success Program

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How to Build, Publish, and Sell Your B2B App with Microsoft’s New ISV Success Program

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Shawna Hronek
Shawna HronekPartner Profitability Executive

Are you an early-stage ISV looking for a way to launch your B2B app on the Microsoft Cloud or a late-stage ISV looking to accelerate your revenue growth? Do you want to access free tools, consulting, and resources to help you accelerate innovation, optimize your app architecture, and reach millions of potential customers? If so, you might be interested in Microsoft’s new ISV Success program.

The ISV Success program is a 12-month program that helps ISVs develop, publish, and market their B2B applications on the Microsoft Cloud. The program is designed to help ISVs overcome common challenges such as:

  • Finding the right cloud platform and services for their app
  • Developing and testing their app with best practices and standards
  • Publishing and listing their app on the Microsoft commercial marketplace
  • Marketing and selling their app to a global audience

By joining the program, ISVs can enjoy a range of benefits such as:

  • Azure credits worth up to $25,000 USD to use for any Azure services
  • GitHub Enterprise Cloud subscription with 25 seats and 24/7 support
  • Visual Studio Enterprise subscription with 25 seats and Azure DevOps
  • Dynamics 365 Sales, Field Service and Customer Service partner sandbox with 25 seats
  • Microsoft 365 E5 developer subscription with 25 seats and 24/7 support
  • One-to-one technical consultations with Microsoft experts on app design, review, publishing, and listing optimization
  • Access to curated content, events, and community for ISVs to learn, network, and get inspired
  • Opportunity to publish their app to the Microsoft commercial marketplace and reach a global audience

ISV Connect vs ISV Success Programs

ISV Connect was the previous name of the program for ISVs who build solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform. ISV Success is the new name of the program that unifies and expands the benefits for ISVs who build solutions for any Microsoft Cloud product, including Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Teams, and Business Applications. It offers benefits such as cloud sandboxes, developer tools, app architecture guidance, marketplace publishing support, and go-to-market resources. To join ISV Success, ISVs do not need to meet any performance or quality criteria, but they can unlock additional benefits by publishing their solutions to the Microsoft commercial marketplace and generating sales.

ISV Success is now the unified destination for all ISVs who want to leverage the Microsoft Cloud to grow their business. If you are an existing ISV Connect partner, you can transition to ISV Success and enjoy the expanded benefits and simplified journey. If you are a new or aspiring ISV partner, you can sign up for ISV Success and start building your solution with free tools and resources.

Register in Partner Center

To enroll in the program, ISVs need to sign up as a Microsoft partner, verify their account, agree to the terms and conditions, and have an ongoing or planned app project that meets the eligibility criteria. You can find more information about the program on the following websites:

  • ISV Success Program Overview: This is the official website of the program, where you can learn about the benefits, eligibility criteria, and enrollment process. You can also join the program from here if you meet the requirements.
  • Build and publish with ISV Success: This is a learning module that guides you through the steps of building and publishing your solution with ISV Success. You can also track your progress and redeem your benefits on this page.
  • For exiting Microsoft Partners, you are able to enroll for the program in Partner Center under Membership. ISV Success (

The ISV Success program is a great opportunity for ISVs who want to leverage the power of the Microsoft Cloud and grow their business. If you have an idea for a B2B app or are already working on one, don’t miss this chance to join the program and get the support you need. Sign up today and start your journey to success with Microsoft!

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