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Partner Co-Sell Ready Solutions of the Month: September 2023

Co-Sell Ready Solutions of the Month

Partner Co-Sell Ready Solutions of the Month: September 2023

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Shannon Proverbs
Shannon ProverbsPartner Profitability Executive

Partner Co-Sell Ready Solutions of the Month: September 2023

Someone call the fire department because we have partners who have set the marketplace on FIRE with a barrage of new co-sell ready solutions in September! It’s absolutely incredible how long the list gets with each passing month. Your success brings us joy and we want to continue to highlight your achievements and development as you continue your Microsoft partnership journey.

Congratulations to these partners and we can’t wait to see even more partners flourish in the Marketplace.

Big Cloud Consultants Website

Discover how SharePoint can fulfill your communication, collaboration, & process automation needs. This results in a roadmap & a design/implementation plan for a successful Intranet solution.

Learn how to leverage your existing investment in SharePoint to improve employee experience & engagement. A successful intranet can help centralize and organize corporate documentation and provide an intuitive knowledge base while minimizing email.

Big Cloud conducts up to 8 hours of interviews with key stakeholders and organizational leaders to determine the requirements for a successful SharePoint implementation, which includes a focus on document management and corporate communications.

After compiling a list of requirements, Big Cloud will work with the organization to prioritize those that are applicable for a Phase 1 implementation. The phase 1 requirements will be the basis for a statement of work.

Marketplace Listing: Big Cloud Consultants | SharePoint Discovery & Roadmap Workshop

Nexustek company website

Exchange Online offers superior security, integration with Microsoft 365, and scalable solutions, making it a compelling choice for organizations.

NexusTek can help your organization to unlock the full potential of your productivity workloads by means of their Google Workspace to Microsoft Exchange Online Migration offering.

As your trusted technology partner, NexusTek will provide regular communication, thorough testing, and proper planning to ensure that your organization has a successful migration from Google Workspace to Exchange Online.

Marketplace Listing: Nexustek | Google Workspace to Microsoft Exchange Online Migration

Dynapt Company Website

Powered by Azure Open AI Service, Dynapt’s “Generative AI – Proof of Concept for Enterprise” unlocks the transformative advantages of Artificial Intelligence, along with our tailored implementation to meet the needs of your organization.

Dynapt's "Generative AI – Proof of Concept for Enterprise using Azure Open AI service" offers a truly unique and extraordinary AI solution. From personalized development to robust performance and ongoing support, Dynapt is dedicated to delivering an amazing AI experience that addresses your specific challenges and drives innovation in a way that sets it apart from the rest.

Marketplace Listing: Dynapt | GENERATIVE AI – Proof of Concept for Enterprises using Azure OpenAI Service

Dato Company Website

DATO Technologies can seamlessly migrate your present email system whether hosted on premises or in a cloud environment like Google Workspace. They can help you make sure you benefit from all the latest technologies offered in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem and maximize your benefit from your investment in it. In addition, they can migrate files to SharePoint, enable Teams for collaboration and orient you to the new system.

DATO will consult with you to examine your current environment, analyze the current package you are using for Microsoft 365 or spec out a new one based on your needs, map out a migration strategy including a turnkey, overnight switchover and follow up with extra mile service & support. They will also conduct a training class with your team on how to use the Microsoft 365 platform effectively and ensure that proper security is enabled in Microsoft 365 to protect you from threat actors that are ubiquitous today.

Marketplace Listing: Dato Technologies | Microsoft 365 migration from Google Workspace / Gmail

Summit Technology has two new offerings in the marketplace that are co-sell ready!

Summit Technology | Endpoint Management Modernization

The Endpoint Management Modernization Workshop empowers you to articulate the business value of Microsoft's cloud solutions for end-user computing to your organization's decision-makers. These solutions encompass modern Windows offerings like Microsoft Intune, Windows AutoPilot, Windows 365, Windows 11 Enterprise, and Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

With the combined power of Microsoft's advanced technologies, Power Automate and Microsoft Teams, Summit Technology brings video surveillance and physical door security into the digital age. Their integrated system offers a robust and adaptable platform to safeguard your premises, assets, and personnel.

Unlock unwavering consistency, envision the future with clarity, and guarantee triumph through our battle-tested process. At Summit Technology, you don't just access technological prowess; you secure a partner propelling your growth. Choose Summit Technology as your trusted IT partner and witness exponential growth and unparalleled success.

Think AI Consulting company website

Manually extracting text from images or documents can be time-consuming and “error-prone”. This is especially true when dealing with a large volume of data from various sources, including printed and handwritten text. Organizations need an efficient solution to automate text extraction, increase accuracy, and streamline data entry processes. Think AI’s Optical Character Recognition with Azure AI solution is designed to address these challenges. It offers efficiency, accuracy, versatility, and deployment flexibility, making it a valuable addition to your organization's toolkit. With advanced machine learning models and API integration, you can streamline data entry processes, reduce errors, and unlock the true potential of your data. Experience the power of Azure AI's OCR solution and transform the way you handle text extraction.

Marketplace Listing: Think AI Consulting | Optical Character Recognition (OCR) with Azure AI

Centric Consulting company website

Centric has hit a trifecta with THREE new co-sell solutions in the marketplace. Excellent work, team!

Viva Goals Pilot, Gov. & ACM: 4-Wk Implementation – Microsoft AppSource

Using a comprehensive approach Centric's SME led engagement works with leadership to quickly build an OKR program and implement into a company's BHAG. Their project approach includes Pilot Planning and Design, Implementation, and Training.

Microsoft Viva Employee Experience: 8-Hr Workshop – Microsoft AppSource

Through this two-day, 4-hour workshop, a tenured consultant will work with key stakeholders to identify business scenarios where Viva may provide a solution to employee-critical issues. We'll walk through an "Art of the possible" to showcase the paths of the employee experience and give recommendations based on the findings of our in-depth workshop discussions. Together we will build a plan for the use of Microsoft Viva in your organization.

Accelerate Innovation with Low Code - Power Platform Governance: 5-Wk Assessment – Microsoft AppSource

Centric’s Power Platform Governance assessment establishes their Center of Excellence model detailing the ongoing use, design patterns, management, governance, and support of the Power Platform should be established. Their approach to a true Power Platform COE encompasses not only the operational but, more importantly and uniquely, the people side, combining adoption and institutional change management with the best practices from Microsoft and for your industry.

Centric takes you step by step through the framework: Discovery & Analysis; Governance Planning; Power Platform Roadmap; COE Starter Kit Configuration; Licensing; Adoption & Change Management Strategy; IT Readiness; and ending with the identification and launch of a Pilot to refine the governance model and prove the technology's value.

Eastwall Company Website

Last, but definitely not least, our co-sell partner of the month heavy hitter is Eastwall.

Eastwall had a monster month, pumping out SIX new co-sell ready solutions into the marketplace. Just incredible!

Eastwall | Azure Virtual Desktop Deployment

Eastwall offers project approaches for your Azure Virtual Desktop engagement that span 4 to 8 weeks, depending on complexity and scale, number of desktop profiles or applications moved into Azure, and whether the deployment is net-new or integrated with an existing Azure estate. They will upskill & train your team throughout, as well as provide robust documentation, to ensure your long-term adoption and readiness to migrate future workloads onto the Azure platform.

Eastwall | Azure Landing Zone

Confidently adopt cloud services with a fit-for-purpose Azure Landing Zone (ALZ) that sets up your cloud estate with a secure, operational, future-proof foundation. Eastwall’s ALZ engagement is aligned to Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) best practices to ensure your organization can adopt Azure and accelerate your cloud implementation.

Eastwall | Azure Data Platform in 30 Days

Eastwall’s Data Platform in 30 Days (DPI30) helps your technology team and critical business data & analytics use-cases accelerate. Our approach teaches us about your business requirements, technology constraints, and unique opportunities to differentiate with a modern data estate.

Eastwall | Azure Well Architected Framework

Eastwall will formulate a detailed Well-Architected Framework Review to assess and understand over 60 unique aspects of an existing set of application workload(s) on-premises or in an existing cloud provider, as well as your existing Azure environment, to create a unique set of recommendations through the lenses of reliability, cost management, operational excellence, security, and performance efficiency.

Eastwall | AI QuickStart

Eastwall’s engagement is a deep dive into how AI aligns with your unique business and application environment. Learn how to accelerate AI value by identifying the most relevant use-cases for your organization based on Total Impact and Return on Investment. You’ll work with Microsoft certified, highly knowledgeable consultants, architects & engineers in engaging design-thinking workshops to outline those highest priorities. Eastwall’s team will partner to support deploying an AI landing zone, modelling data appropriately, and test-driving various Azure-native analytics and AI services to inform your vision and rapidly prototype value solutions.

Eastwall | Azure DevOps & GitHub Migration

During your assessment & migration engagement, Eastwall works with your teams to create a tactical, step-by-step migration plan. We determine which enterprise Microsoft toolchain is best for your business based on your unique software engineering requirements. With the plan in hand, our teams work together to stage, migrate, and test components such as repositories, pipelines, and customer-facing deployments. With a detailed technical assessment & go-forward plan, implemented solution, and a backlog of continued improvements, Eastwall helps leading organizations fortify their cloud approach brick by brick.

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