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Co-Sell Ready Solutions of the Month

Partner Co-Sell Ready Solutions of the Month October | November

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Shannon Proverbs
Shannon ProverbsPartner Profitability Executive

Partner Co-Sell Ready Solutions of the Month: October & November 2023

As we get ready to wind down the year and start looking ahead to the next one, we want to continue to recognize partners who have continued to refine and expand their offerings as well as increase their visibility to Microsoft with their Co-Sell ready status. Congratulations for all your work and we wish you continued success as you continue on your journey. We are proud to showcase your amazing offers in the marketplace!

Real Dynamics

Dynamics Integration | Cloud ERP | Real Dynamics

9-Month Implementation and Advisory and Managed Services

Real Dynamics is seasoned team of professionals for any need in implementation, advisory, and support services to customers embarking on the journey to use modern next generation cloud ERP - Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance or Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain. 

Here is what they provide in their end-to-end implementation solution:

  • Advisory services deliverables- includes current project assessment, critical work review and suggestion to incorporate best practices.
  • Implementation deliverables -includes discovery assessment profiling, solution and implementation scoping, solution architecture and blueprint, requirements traceability matrix, LCS setup, environment setups, configuration and data migration, training, testing, extension development, analytics setup and integration with existing systems with D365FO.
  • Managed services deliverables - includes ticketing system, extension enhancement/stabilization, change request and new initiatives. They share their knowledge through various channels within their published e-book.

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Managed IT Services | Cybersecurity, IT Consulting, Cloud Hosting (

NexusTek Endpoint Management Workshop

Explore the capabilities of Modern Endpoint Management and Defense in your own environment. The Endpoint Management Workshop is a partner-led engagement that will help you showcase the value of Microsoft 365. Leading with Microsoft Intune to show your organization how to manage and protect users’ devices, apps, and identities from anywhere.

They will help your organization to:

  • Improve your Microsoft Secure Score with Microsoft Intune.
  • Learn how to build management policies that protect your users, company data, and devices.
  • Gain insights about your users’ endpoints and their compliance with your IT policies.
  • Determine the best way to give your users access to the apps they need on the devices of their choosing.
  • Calculate the ROI your organization can achieve by adopting the Microsoft solutions covered in this workshop.

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C1st Technologies

C1st Technologies

Migrate to Microsoft 365

C1st Technologies’ “Migrate to Microsoft 365” is the comprehensive solution that addresses these productivity issues head-on. They will help your [JL1] [SP2] organization to migrate your productivity workloads to Microsoft 365, no matter your starting point. Whether you are migrating from a third-party platforms like “Google Workspace”, “Go Daddy”, Microsoft 365 to Microsoft 365 “tenant to tenant”, or a “net-new” migration, their solution can solve your organization’s needs. Microsoft 365 delivers cutting-edge productivity, collaboration, and security prowess. Microsoft 365's features enable employees to work from anywhere, real-time co-authoring, and AI-powered tools turbocharge productivity. Microsoft Teams centralizes collaboration, while Microsoft 365 Defender provides robust security safeguards for data, featuring advanced threat protection, along with Multifactor Authentication (MFA), and compliance tools, bolstering organizational security in today's digital realm.

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Endpoint Management Modernization with Security Workshop

In this immersive workshop, their unwavering commitment is to empower your organization by equipping you with the essential knowledge and strategic prowess needed to fortify your security measures. This transformative journey encompasses several key elements, giving you a comprehensive view of your security landscape.

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Aegis Innovators

Modern IT Services | Aegis Innovators

Zero Trust as a Service (ZTaaS)

Aegis Innovators lead in secure digital transformation and AI integration with their Zero Trust as a Service (ZTaaS). They provide robust protection for Microsoft 365 environments, featuring a comprehensive security policy framework, including Entra ID and Microsoft Intune. ZTaaS not only reduces the risk of breaches and lessens the need for multiple security products but also ensures continual alignment with evolving Microsoft security features. By choosing Aegis Innovators, businesses embrace a smarter, Zero Trust-based security strategy.

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Collective Insights

Collective Insights Consulting | Home

1.S.A.F.E - Start Anywhere, Finish Everything E5

Choose Collective Insights for their Microsoft 365 E5 implementation. Their expertise ensures that your organization will have a seamless integration, optimizing security, productivity, and collaboration for their organization's success.

Their approach helps clients realize the value of a Microsoft 365 E5 investment for their short, and long-term objectives.

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2. Manage your data with Microsoft Purview

Their Data Risk Reduction Program is designed to help your organization protect data in transit, in use, and at rest. This programmatic approach is designed to help your organization seamlessly incorporate advanced features and security best practices.

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3. Microsoft 365 Security Workshop

This workshop is not just an event; it's a transformative experience that empowers you to navigate the intricate labyrinth of modern security challenges. Let's explore the key elements of this workshop and understand how they contribute to your organization's security resilience.

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SileoTech - BayenGroup

Homepage - Sileo Technology Solutions LLC

SharePoint Managed Services – Microsoft AppSource

At SileoTech, they understand the complexities and potential of SharePoint, and they offer their comprehensive SharePoint Managed Services to address these challenges. Their unique focus on SharePoint service delivery is what sets them apart.

Their SharePoint Managed Services are designed to empower your organization with a fully optimized and supported SharePoint environment, enhancing collaboration, productivity, and overall business performance.

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Thrive: Training, Knowledge Management, and Collaboration Center

Thrive is a training, knowledge management, and collaboration center, and its features encompass a broader set of educational resources and tools in comparison to a traditional Learning Management System (LMS). Traditionally, a LMS primarily focuses on course delivery and content management under the direction of the organization’s Human Resources team. Thrive extends these capabilities by offering a comprehensive learning ecosystem with “employee-led” modules, or course content which has been curated and prescribed by your organization’s leadership team. This includes access to Subject Matter Experts, internal and external learning resources, a forum for frequently asked questions (FAQs), and content repositories, which foster a richer and more collaborative learning experience. Thrive, is powered by SharePoint Online, and it harnesses the collaborative capabilities of Microsoft 365 to create a unified and efficient platform for learning, teamwork, and communication.

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Wizard Group

Home - Wizard Group

Wizard Cyber MXDR for Microsoft Sentinel

Wizard Cybers Security Operation Centre (SOC) is a fully managed service (24x7) that offers Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR) using Microsoft Sentinel SIEM.

Revolutionize your security posture with their cutting-edge Managed Extended Detection and Response service (MXDR). Built on the robust Microsoft Azure platform, MXDR combines advanced technology with unparalleled expertise to deliver round-the-clock protection for your organization. Their mission is to help you stay ahead of evolving cyber threats, minimize risks, and maintain business continuity in today's rapidly changing digital landscape.

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Migrate to Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure delivers scalable, secure, and cost-effective cloud services, empowering businesses to innovate and grow efficiently. As your trusted IT advisor, Wizard IT can help your organization to fully embrace the benefits of the cloud with their “Migrate to Microsoft Azure” offer.

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Envision IT

Envision IT LLC

1. Accelerate Legacy App Migrations to Azure with Citrix and Azure Virtual Desktop

Their offer combines the best of Citrix and Azure Virtual Desktops to deliver a comprehensive virtualization solution. From their experience, Citrix typically drives 3x more usage of Azure workloads than Azure Virtual Desktop alone. Here's why you should consider this offer:

  • Industry-Leading Expertise: Benefit from their extensive experience in both Citrix and Azure technologies, ensuring a seamless and successful deployment tailored to your organization's needs.
  • Future-Proof Flexibility: Stay ahead of the curve with a solution that adapts to your changing needs, whether it's remote work, business expansion, or evolving security threats.
  • Data Protection: Rest easy knowing your data is shielded by state-of-the-art security controls and authentication methods.
  • Streamlined Management: Reduce administrative overhead with simplified management tools, allowing your IT staff to focus on strategic projects.
  • Business Continuity: Ensure your organization remains operational even during unforeseen disruptions, thanks to their high availability and scalability features.

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2. Envision as a Service (EaaS)

Envision as a Service (EaaS) is their proactive Azure technology optimization solution. They combine enterprise-class tools with a seasoned team of experts, dedicated to elevating your organization's productivity. Their flexible approach caters to diverse client needs, no matter your starting point! At the core of their EaaS solution is a proactive hosted monitoring platform powered by Azure Monitor, as well as insights from Azure Advisor, providing customized alerts, real-time visibility, end-user experience monitoring, and trend analysis. They will partner with your team to ensure the seamless implementation of this solution, adhering to industry best practices. With Envision as a Service (EaaS), they will keep your cloud environment optimized, so you don't have to!

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