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Partner Co-Sell Ready Solutions of the Month: August 2023

Co-Sell Ready Solutions of the Month

Partner Co-Sell Ready Solutions of the Month: August 2023

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Shannon Proverbs
Shannon ProverbsPartner Profitability Executive

Partner Co-Sell Ready Solutions of the Month: August 2023

We are thrilled to feature our partners who have services and solutions that have reached Co-Sell Ready status for the month of August – We are proud of your success and we want to continue to highlight your achievements and development as you continue your Microsoft partnership journey. We are honored to be part of your growth and showcase your hard work here as partner of the month.

We can’t wait to see more partners flourish in the Microsoft Marketplace and feature new companies on a monthly basis:


About their Solution

In today's digital landscape, harnessing the power of the cloud is essential for businesses striving for agility, scalability, and innovation. However, the dynamic nature of cloud resources can lead to complexities in managing costs effectively. Welcome to Akins IT’s Azure Cloud Cost Analysis solution, a tailored offering designed to provide you with deep insights into your Azure expenditure, optimize resource allocation, and elevate your operational efficiency. With their solution, you will gain control over your cloud costs and make informed decisions that drive growth.

Link to Marketplace Solution (for more information)

AkinsIT | Azure Cost Analysis Solution


About their Solution

VidyaMagic™ LMS is a contemporary and highly adaptable learning platform, offering deployment flexibility in On-Premises, Cloud, or Hybrid environments. It empowers organizations to efficiently cultivate and deliver tailored learning experiences. While conventional assessments like multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blanks have their place, VidyaMagic LMS takes instructional effectiveness to a new level with interactive elements such as role-playing, scenarios, and subjective assessments, fostering a holistic and engaging learning journey.

For instructors, VidyaMagic™ simplifies administrative tasks, allowing seamless learner enrollment and personalized learning paths. Robust integration with Microsoft Teams facilitates hassle-free scheduling of online sessions and instructor-led training. Moreover, content repurposing is effortless with features like easy course creation, collating diverse learning assets, including SharePoint documents and LinkedIn courses and videos. Additionally, you can create reusable test items with ease using the question bank management feature.

In essence, VidyaMagic™ LMS streamlines and enriches the learning process, making it a modern solution adaptable to various deployment models, with features including online classroom session scheduling, session attendance tracking, reporting, comprehensive question bank management, user management, department/group management, and certificate management.

Link to Marketplace Solution (for more information)

Vidyatech | VidyaMagic™


About their Solution

Accelerate implementation of a personalized Azure Virtual Desktop and RemoteApp experience to users enabling a secure, reliable, and efficient workspace.

iT1's Azure Virtual Desktop offer will quickly implement a personalized, flexible, and secure virtual desktop solution that modernizes the end-user experience, enabling secure access to line-of-business applications anywhere, anytime, on any device. Azure Virtual Desktop is optimized for Microsoft 365 applications providing reliable and consistent performance driving user adoption with ease. For successful implementation and adoption our unique approach includes following the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework and Azure Landing Zone concepts using a reference architecture.

Link to Marketplace Solution (for more information)

iT1 | Azure Virtual Desktop Implementation


About their Solution

Using the Microsoft 365 Cloud Platform to achieve & maintain CMMC compliance, TechAxia will offer expertise in Microsoft 365 & CMMC either as a managed service provider or through staff augmentation.

Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) is a framework developed by the US Department of Defense that requires formal audits of DIB contractor cybersecurity practices.

At TechAxia, we have a winning approach to helping Small Defense Industrial Base (DIB) organizations to become and remain CMMC certified using Microsoft 365.

Leveraging the power of Microsoft 365, the tools from the Microsoft CMMC Acceleration Program, and TechAxia’s expertise in CMMC, TechAxia specializes in supporting the client's CMMC endeavors and Microsoft 365 environment. This support is dedicated not only to achieving initial CMMC compliance but also maintaining it. TechAxia fulfills this role either as an ongoing advisory partner in collaboration with the client's in-house IT/Compliance team or as a managed service provider.

Link to Marketplace Solution (for more information)

TechAxia | Managed Microsoft 365 Services for CMMC Compliance - Commerical, GCC, & GCC High

Emergent Software

About their Solution

Outsource the management of your mission-critical Azure SQL and on-premises SQL Server infrastructure to a team of senior DBAs offering proactive monitoring, fast alert response & performance tuning.

Benefits of SQL Managed Services

With SQL Managed Services from Emergent Software, you’ll get proactive monitoring & support of your Azure SQL, Azure SQL Managed Instances, and on-premises SQL Server infrastructure. With Azure Arc and Defender for Cloud, we provide a single pane of glass for monitoring & managing your entire SQL estate.

Please visit their website: Emergent Software

Link to Marketplace Solution (for more information)

Emergent | SQL Managed Services

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